Vionza Music seeks to bring together information on all the great Northern Colorado musicians and concerts we can. There's so much going on in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley, but it's hard to find everything in one place. Until now.

Vionza Music started out of a simple problem: After a show one night, I said, "These guys are great! I want to know more about them and find their music. And who was that opening act?" Then began a long and relatively unfruitful search of Facebook, the web, ReverbNation, and everywhere else. I could find snippets of information here and there, but bands have so much going on that they don't always organize their data all that well.

The solution was Vionza Music, where we go out and gather data on all the shows in the area, then gather data on all the bands playing at those shows and link it all together. We want this to be the first place you go when you want to find a show for the night or find more info about the band you heard last night.

Our mission is to:

  1. Help people find local artists.
  2. Help local artists find fans.
  3. Musicians are busy; don’t make work for them.
  4. Help music reporters; they help artists.
  5. Help venues find customers; venues help artists.
  6. Enjoy good music.

The Northern Colorado Music scene is fantastic and we want to just help bring it together. Musicians' pages are updated automatically with data we can find, but we might miss something. If you are an artist and want something different on your profile page, we can probably help with that. Just use our contact form or send us email at We can change the artist page in a lot of ways and can add almost any info on your band you might want (show archives, more audio clips) or do some different styling on your page.

Let us know what we can do for you and we welcome any feedback on how to make Vionza Music an even better resource for Northern Colorado.