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We are a collective of DJs with a love for house music dedicated to bringing that same love to afterhours events in Fort Collins

Household Collective is a group of local DJs in Fort Collins with a love for house music who are dedicated to bringing that same love to after hours events.

The idea all started like most conversations these days - on Facebook. It was inspired by a promo video for Rec Room who featured a track by LER, spurring interest from other Fort Collins DJs wondering if they were going to start playing house music at the bar. The reality of that was unlikely because house music isn't mainstream enough for the Fort Collins bar scene, and the goal for local bars is to sell drinks and keep the majority of the people on the dance floor. Although the love for house music in Fort Collins is growing, it's still not a huge money maker in the eyes of bar owners.

So, some brainstorming happened. Some teamwork developed. And this group of house DJs decided that if the bars in Fort Collins weren't a place to play, then they'd make something happen on their own. They'd play house music that you won't hear in Fort Collins bars, and they'd start doing things after hours, when all of Fort Collins nightlife scene comes to an end.

Household Collective hosts after hours events in different locations around Northern Colorado, with different guest DJs to keep things interesting.

Household Collective Founding Resident DJs are:

Anthony Cole
French Pressed - Nic Kato and Joey Trouble

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Friday, July 13, 2018 at Lyric Cinema Cafe
Friday, February 16, 2018 at The Whisk(e)y