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Denver-based Indie Rock with sensitive breakdowns.


The waking moment when you realize you've overslept creates a unique sensation of urgency. That call to participate in the world and utilize what is left of the time you have is what inspired Elias Armao, Corban Roberts, Evan Zeller, and Mickey Postilion to pursue music more earnestly. Since Overslept's conception in December 2013 that mentality has grown the project from its acoustic-pop roots to a four-piece band with a consistent touring focus and no intention of sleeping in.

Overslept has shared the stage with Lydia, Sorority Noise, My Body Sings Electric, Comrades, and Tigerwine. They have released a full length LP ('I've Been Keeping To Myself'); as well as two EPs ('Overslept/Father Mountain Split' and 'That's Not Very Punk Rock of You').

Critics rave that Overslept is 'A bunch of babies,' 'Ed Sheeran the Band,' and 'Too energetic for my taste.'

The band's passion for playing makes their live performance an exciting and cathartic experience that creates an inviting air of community.

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Monday, February 5, 2018 at Moxi Theater